Publishing Galleries on Pages or Posts

Guide to publish Photo Gallery in a WordPress page or post

Open the post/page you want to display the gallery. Press the button named Photo Gallery. A camera icon will be inserted into the page/post. Click on the image and select the gallery/album display you want to use for that specific page/post.

Each shortcode uses three columns of parameters. The first column shows parameters specific for that view only, the second one shows Lightbox (except Slideshow view) parameters, the third one is referred to the Advertisement.

In addition you can add the shortcode using Shortcode Generator.

Generating Shortcode

To use the created galleries and albums for the custom location, you can generate custom shortcodes of Photo Gallery and edit the created shortcodes.


Clicking this button you will be able to create a special shortcode based on your option choices. The created shortcode will appear in the box below. It can be copied/cut and pasted into a post/page.


Pasting the shortcode in the box below and pressing the button, you will be able to edit and make changes in the shortcode. The final shortcode can be copied/cut and pasted into a post/page.