Tags, Comments and Ratings

Description of Tags, Comments and Ratings in Photo Gallery plugin.

On the left menu select Photo Gallery > Tags.

Name. Provide a title for the tag.

Slug. Specify the alias for the tag in your website.

Add Tag. Press this button to add the created tag into the list.

Image Comments

Image. Choose the image you want to moderate the comments for.

Name. Choose the author of the comments, if there are multiple comments for the chosen image.

Publish. Click to publish the comment.

Unpublish. Click to unpublish the comment.

Delete. Click to delete the comment.

Image Ratings

Go to__ Photo Gallery > Ratings__ section to delete ratings for specific images.

Gallery. Select the gallery to browse the image from.

Image. Choose the image you want to moderate the ratings of.

IP. Provide the IP of the user, who has rated the image.

Delete. Check the rating and click the button to delete the rating.