Alerts and Pushover

Guide to configure Google Analytics alerts and Pushover notifications.

Alert and Pushover notifications will keep you posted about highest or lowest number of Sessions, Users, Bounces or Session Durations on your website.

The notifications can be sent daily, weekly or monthly, based on the conditions you select. Make sure to provide an email address, in case you are setting up Alerts, or your User Key, if you’d like the notifications to be sent via Pushover.

Pushover is an Android, iOS and Desktop application, which lets you set simple notifications on your smartphone or tablet. Download the application, create a user and copy the User Key of your account to [Google Analytics WD settings]. You will be receiving notifications accordingly.

Pushover for:

The following conditions can be set for Alert and Pushover Notifications:

When: Sessions, Users, Bounces or Session Durations

Condition: Is less than, Is greater than

For example, if would like to get notified, when to Users are less than 50, you need to select these options:

When: Users

Condition: Is less than

Value: 50