Tracking Options

Description of Tracking Options in Google Analytics WD plugin.

You can have full control over Tracking settings by enabling or disabling options of this tab. When Enable Tracking option is turned on, the WordPress Google Analytics plugin adds Google Analytics tracking code to your website. Note, that the code will be added in case your current website domain is associated with a Google Analytics account. The full demo script will appear on the right side of the page.

The following options are available among Tracking Settings:

Anonymize IP address. If this option is enabled, the last digits of users’ IP addresses will be hidden. Their full IP will not be visible, and thus the visitors will be anonymized.

Enhanced Link Attribution. Turn on this option to track multiple links with the same destination. Get information for buttons, menus, as well as elements with multiple destinations, e.g. search boxes. More information about Enhanced Link Attribution can be found here.

Outbound clicks tracking. Records the links which visitors have clicked to exit from your website.

Mailto, Download tracking file formats: .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc. Enable this option to track file downloads from your website and clicks on mailing links.

Custom Dimensions. If you have created custom dimensions, make sure to add the corresponding option to track related activity. The following options are available for custom dimension types:

  • Logged in
  • Post type
  • Author
  • Category
  • Published at
  • Tags

Click on Add button next to each custom dimension to start its tracking. Custom dimensions tracking can be enabled or disabled with these options any time.