Conditional Filters

In case you wish to showcase Instagram feeds with additional, more definitive filters, Conditional Filters feature of Instagram Feed plugin will help you with it. This functionality allows you to show images of an Instagram account with a specific hashtag, skip images which belong to certain usernames/hashtags, and more.

To begin creating additional filters for your Instagram feed, edit it and navigate to Conditional Filters tab. Use Enable Conditional Filters to activate the necessary tools.

Conditional Filters

Feeds to Filter option shows the basis for conditional filters. These are the usernames and hashtags you have added to your Instagram feed. The filters will search among the posts of these usernames and hashtags, and pull those which fulfill the specified condition.

Now let’s configure the condition itself. First, you need to choose the logical operator of the condition using Filter Logic setting. Select one of the following 3 operators:

  • AND: Shows Instagram posts that belong to all sources of filtering.
  • OR: Shows Instagram media which belong to at least one of the sources of filtering.
  • NOR: Hides Instagram posts which belong to at least one of the sources of filtering.

Afterwards, use Add Condition option to specify the parameter for the condition, which can be one of the following.

  • Username. This is useful, in case your feed uses hashtags. It will let you display posts with those hashtags, which only belong to certain Instagram accounts.

    For instance, you have #interiorinspo and #kitchen hashtags, you can set @esminteriors user to display images from this accounts.

  • Hashtag. If you have a feed based on usernames, this will help you display posts of a certain hashtag.

    For example, in case you use @bmw and @instacars Instagram accounts on your feed, you can display the posts with #bmw hashtag only.

  • Mention. This option can be used for feeds both with hashtags and usernames, e.g. you can display posts where @gameofthrones is mentioned.

  • Description. Just like Mentions, Description can be used both with hashtags and usernames. You can specify a single keyword or a phrase, which is used in descriptions of Instagram posts.

  • Instagram Media Link. You are able to filter using the shareable link of Instagram media. Simply provide the full URL of the post, as the following example:

Afterwards, select the Condition Type for the filter, which corresponds to the parameter you are adding. For instance, in case you are adding #liveauthentic hashtag, the Condition Type needs to be set as Hashtag as well.

Important! While adding the parameter for the condition, do not use @ sign before usernames and # sign before hashtags.

Lastly, click Add Condition button, and the parameters you have added will be visible below Result section. Make sure to press Save after you finish configuring the filters.

Configuring Conditional Filters