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10Web Tutorial

Tutorial of 10Web Products, Services and Dashboard.

Introduction to 10Web Dashboard

10Web Dashboard is the ultimate tool for managing your 10Web plugins, themes, add-ons, downloading or restoring backups, and much more. It lets you install and update several products with just a few clicks. The Dashboard was created to help you save your time and avoid any possible technical difficulties.

1. Choosing the Subscription Plan

The pricing of 10Web products is presented on Plans and Pricing section. After you choose a subscription plan to purchase 10Web products, you will be redirected to Checkout page.

2. Checkout

On this page, you will be able to provide required information for checkout and purchase the package.

Note, that the first subscription starts with a 14-day free trial. You will not be charged, however, you gain access to Paid versions of all 10Web products for 14 days.

Upon purchase, you will be registered on 10Web database as a customer, and will be provided with a user login credentials. Login to the website to start installing 10Web products.

3. Accessing 10Web Dashboard

To access the purchased products, you firstly need to visit 10Web Dashboard and login with your 10Web account. It is a toolbox which lets you add websites, where you use 10Web products, check and modify your account information and configure 10Web products.

4. Adding a Website

To add a new website to 10Web Dashboard, expand the left menu by clicking on 10Web logo, then press Add Website button. Firstly, you will need to download and install 10Web Manager plugin, which will connect your website to 10Web Dashboard.

Install 10Web Manager plugin to your website the following way:

  • Access Plugins page from WordPress administrative panel of your website.
  • Press Add New, then Browse the downloaded .zip file of 10Web Manager.
  • Click Install Now. After installation is finished, press Activate.

Now you need to sign in to 10Web Manager. Navigate to 10Web Manager page from the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Then log in with the username and password of your 10Web account.

After making these changes, your website will automatically appear on 10Web Dashboard.

Managing 10Web Products

To access the plugins, themes and services of your websites, navigate to Websites page of 10Web Dashboard. It displays the list of your websites where you have WD Manager installed. These sites on 10Web can appear in 2 modes:

  • Active: when 10Web Manager is installed and activated on your WordPress website.
  • Inactive: when 10Web Manager plugin was deactivated on your WordPress website or user was logged-out in it .

Hover over the site you wish to modify or visit, you will see the following links:

  • Manage: press on this button to navigate to products management page of 10Web Dashboard.
  • Site Admin: this link will redirect you to WordPress administrative dashboard of the site, and log you in with a one-time access token.

1. Installing Plugins

To start installing and managing plugins, visit Websites page of 10Web Dashboard. Press Manage button of the site you wish to change. You will access the the management page of 10Web products.

In case you haven’t installed any plugins, click on the Plugins tab, then press Add Plugins button. Install the plugins you wish to use. You can click on More Info button to find information about the product.

After installing plugins, you are able to Activate, Deactivate and Update your 10Web plugins from this page.

2. Installing Add-ons

Some 10Web products have add-ons which let you enhance the functionality of the plugin. To begin installing add-ons, navigate to Add-ons page of your website manager on 10Web Dashboard.

Use Add-ons for drop-down menu to select the plugin you wish to install add-ons for. Add it to your website by installing and activating. You will later be able to Deactivate or Delete the add-on from your site.

3. Installing Themes

Navigate to Themes page of your website manager on 10Web Dashboard to install themes to your website. Press Add Themes button and select the theme you wish to activate on your site.

Press More Info button to find more information regarding the theme you wish to use on the website.

4. Managing Products

In case you already have installed products, you are able to:

  • activate,
  • deactivate,
  • update,
  • delete

them all or some at once using Bulk Actions. Furthermore, you can search them and filter by active or inactive products, as well as by those which have an available update.

In case you have questions, please contact 10Web Customer Care. We will get back to you within 24 hours (except on Sundays and holidays).

10Web Services

10Web offers three web services, Backup, Image Optimization and Search Engine Optimization, which you can use on your websites. They let you have your website performing at its best, and this will help you grow your community, business or organization.

More services are being developed and will added to this list soon.

1. Managing Backup Service

Navigate to Backups toolbox to start managing your website backups. This toolbox is divided into three sections:

  • Backups
  • Jobs
  • Logs

Backups section displays the list of created backups on your website. Here you will be able to check the backup files, their physical size and see the date when they have been created.

Jobs presents the list of active backup jobs on your website. These jobs are the configurations for your site backups. Meaning, they control the type of backups, their destinations and more.

To modify the settings of backup jobs, open WordPress administrative dashboard of your website and edit the jobs in Backup plugin section.

Logs section includes the logs from backups done on your website. Each one of them include records from successfully completed or failed backup jobs.

2. Image Optimization

Image Optimizer service of 10Web lets you optimize the pictures of your website. This tool helps you speed up your website and allow its visitors have the best experience.

You can configure image optimization settings from WordPress administrative dashboard of your site.

After optimizing a few images, Statistics and other information from the plugin will be displayed under Image Optimizer tab of your website manager on 10Web Dashboard. You can quickly review the data and receive comprehensive information about your website optimization.

3. Search Engine Optimization

10Web offers its SEO plugin which helps you improve the search engine optimization of your website. To configure the plugin, follow the steps described in the user documentation of the products.

Search Engine Optimization service is still in development and will be available soon.

4. More 10Web Services Coming Soon

10Web continuously adds new features to products, develops new plugins, themes, add-ons and services. In the near future, 10Web will launch the following WordPress services:

  • Website Security
  • Web Hosting
  • Uptime Monitoring

In case you have questions about 10Web’s upcoming services and products, feel free to drop us a line using this contact form. Our Customer Care Team will respond to you shortly.

10Web Subscription Plans

10Web products and services are available with 2 types of subscription plans, monthly and yearly. The list of features in each subscription plan is available on Pricing page of 10Web website.

You can change your subscription plan in case you have canceled it, and the subscription period has expired.

Using Subscription Plan section of User Settings toolbox in 10Web Dashboard, easily activate the canceled subscription or cancel the ongoing plan. You can re-activate the plan anytime you wish.

After you cancel the ongoing subscription plan, there will not be any cancellation fees. Your subscription to 10Web products and services will be valid until the last day of your billing period.

After this period ends, you will not be able to use 10Web products and services.

Billing and Payments

When you have chosen the subscription plan which fits you the best, press Start Free Trial button from 10Web’s Pricing page.

1. Billing for 10Web Products and Services

You will need to provide Credit Card information. Based on our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services, your Credit Card information will not be kept on the databases of 10Web.

10Web accepts the following types of Credit Cards:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Maestro

Note, that you will not be charged in the beginning of your 14-day free trial. The payment will be billed after the trial has ended. Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription to 10Web products and services during the free trial period.

2. Managing Billing Settings

To add other payment methods, login in to 10Web Dashboard and navigate to Billing section of User Settings. You can select default payment method, which will be used for your next 10Web payment.

At the bottom of this page, you will see the Payment History from your account. It includes the amount that has been paid, payment date and status. In case you need to get an invoice for your 10Web payment, click Download button under Invoice column.

10Web Customer Care

In case you have questions or support requests while configuring 10Web products or services, feel free to create a support ticket using the contact form on this page. 10Web Customer Care representatives will get back to you within 24 hours (except on Sundays and holidays).

The Customer Care team will carry out any question and help you resolve any issue.

In case you will have custom requests regarding products or services, as well as subscription plans, please give us a chance to discuss with 10Web’s Management Teams.

We will do our best to provide excellent experience for you.