API keys

Guide to configure Google Drive API keys with WordPress Backup plugin.

To use Google Drive, Dropbox and SugarSync as the destination of your backup files, you will need to configure API keys for each of them. Navigate to Backup WD > API Keys page to start the setup. The step-by-step description for this configuration will be described in the following three sections of this guide.

Google Drive

Go to Google APIs Manager page to create a new OAuth Client ID. Login with your Google account first. Note, that in case you have multiple Google accounts, you will need to log in with the one where you wish to keep the backup files.

Firstly, go to Dashboard tab after logging in and press Enable APIs and Services button. Click on Drive API link, then hit Enable button at the top.

Navigate to Credentials tab, then to OAuth Consent Screen page. Use Product name shown to users option to set a product name, then press Save.

Afterwards, go back to Credentials tab and press Create Credentials button. Choose OAuth Client ID option. Select Web application option for Application type.

Provide your website URL as the value of Authorized JavaScript origins input. As for Authorized redirect URIs option, you will need to provide the link in Redirect URIs option below exactly as it is.

Client ID. As soon as you are done creating the OAuth client, provide the Client ID of it on Google Drive tab of the plugin’s API Keys page. Here’s an example of how it should look like:


Client secret. Also copy Client Secret from your Google OAuth Client and paste it in this input.

Redirect URIs. Use the URI provided by this option while creating your Google OAuth Client ID.

Google Drive API keys