Database Backup

Guide to create a database backup job with WordPress Backup plugin.

Backup WD plugin is the perfect tool to keep database backups also. DB Backup tab of new job editor dashboard lets you configure the backup of necessary database tables. Let’s go through each option individually.

Database connection. Select this option to use WordPress connection to the website database. Alternatively, you can connect manually after unchecking the option. In case you choose to connect to website database manually, you need to provide the Host, Username, Password, then select the Database to connect to.

Tables to backup. Use this setting to select the database tables, which you wish to include in database backup. All the tables of your website MySQL are listed underneath this setting.

Backup file name. Provide a filename for database backup file. Note, that .sql file extension is added to the filename automatically. Therefore, make sure to set the name without writing .sql at the end.

Backup file compression. Select the compression type for database backup file, it can be set to None or GZip.

Encrypt DB file. Mark this option as checked, in case you would like to encrypt the database backup file for data protection.

Database backup