Description of settings in WordPress Backup plugin.

Backup WD plugin provides a set of options which lets you personalize the process of the backup globally. It is divided into the following sections:

  • General
  • Jobs
  • Logs
  • Network
  • Email Options
  • Export/Import

Let’s discuss all available options one by one. Also, don’t forget to hit Save after modifying any of the settings.


Hash key. Set the hash key for your backup files. It is a unique identifier, which will be used to add hashes to backup folder and file names. It needs to be at least 6 characters.

Admin bar. If this option is enabled, the plugin adds Backup WD quick links to the top admin bar of WordPress dashboard.

Folder sizes. Enable this option to display folder sizes on Files Backup tab when adding or editing a job.

Protect folders. Check this option to protect Backup WD folders, such as Temp, Log and Backups with .htaccess and index.php files.


Maximum number of retries for job steps. Use this option to set up a limit of retries for backup job steps.

Maximum script execution time. Set a maximum time limit for script executions during backup jobs.

Key to start jobs externally with a URL. Some servers might require keys to run the backup jobs externally with Link option. This key is provided by your web hosting. Add it to this input and it will be automatically added to the start link of your backup jobs.


Log file folder. Specify the folder where the log file of the backups will be kept. Make sure to start it with uploads/ directory. For example: uploads/backup-wd-logs-{hash_key}

Maximum log files. Set the maximum limit of log files which are allowed to be kept in log file folder.

Logging Level. Set the logging level, Normal or Debug. Debug mode will help you troubleshoot problems during the execution of backup jobs.


Authentication method. Select the method of Authentication, None, Basic auth or Query argument. Correspondingly, you will need to provide Basic Auth Username and Password, or Query argument key=value.

Email Options

Send to. Backup WD plugin lets you send emails containing the log of backup processes. Specify the email address to which the log will be sent. The plugin takes the email address of Administrator user by default.

From name. Specify the name of the sender of the backup log email.

Email from. Specify the email address from which the backup log will be sent. The plugin takes the email address of Administrator user by default.

Subject. Set the subject of the backup log email.


Backup WD plugin lets you export the settings from one site, and import to another.

Press Export button to download the .json file, or use Choose File to browse the downloaded file and import by clicking Save.