Adding A Product

Instruction to add a Product with WordPress Ecommerce plugin.

Go to Products > Add New. Product is a custom page, where you can add the name and description of the product as post title and content. You can add short description of the product in Short description content area (visible with some of the views) and proceed to Product data box:

  • Data tab is designed for specifications of the product. Here you can add product model, price, choose discount, tax, set final and market prices, define amount in stock (for unlimited option tick the checkbox) and finally fill in values for SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN (European Article Number), JAN (Japanese Article Number), ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) if applicable.
  • In Links tab you can add label (e.g. overlays for New, Sales and etc.) to the product and license pages (for terms of product purchase and usage).
  • For adding parameters or inherit them from category parameters use Parameters tab.
  • In Shipping tab you can enable shipping for the product and fill in shipping details such as weight and product dimensions. Units for both can be changed in Options menu.
  • In Media tab you can add various images for the product, as well as include a video.

To make the product page SEO-friendly you can add its own metadata in Meta tags: meta title, meta description and meta keywords.

On the right hand you can choose Product Category, add tags, fill in or choose parameter values and select manufacturer.

Adding Categories

Go to Products > Categories. Here fill in name, slug, parent category, description and meta data, image, choose parameters and tags for the category. Then if applicable enable information and products for this specific category page, subcategory display and category hierarchy. Set the number of visible products and number of columns. To finalize the changes press Add new category button.

Adding Tags

Go to Products > Tag. Here fill in name, slug and description of the tag and press Add tag button.

Adding Parameters

Go to Products>Parameters. Here fill in name, slug and description of the parameter. Then choose the type of it: Single value. Allows adding a single option, which cannot be adjusted or changed, e.g. Color: White.

Input. Allows the users to type in parameter option they do prefer.

Select. Allows the user to select the prefered option among the listed ones.

Radio. Allows the user to check the prefered single option.

Checkbox. Allows the user to check multiple options for the product parameter.

Choose whether to have it as a required parameter or not and press Add parameter button.

Adding Labels

Go to Products > Labels. Labels are overlay images which are added to differentiate products, e.g. New, 30% off, etc. Here add name, slug, description, upload the overlay image and finally choose the position of it over the image from 4 available positions. Press Add label button.

Adding Manufacturers

Go to Products > Manufacturer. Manufacturer is a custom post, where you can fill in the Title and description of the manufacturer as a post title and content, then add the website of the page. Then you need to enable/disable added details display and product display referring to this manufacturer, define their number. As a final step you should fill in metadata and set a featured image and press Publish button.