Ratings and Tracking

Description of Ratings and Tracking WordPress Ecommerce plugin.

Managing Ratings

You can view all ratings in Rating menu. Product ratings can be deleted. To do so go to Ecommerce > Ratings, select the product, choose the user IP or rating, tick the checkbox and press Delete button.

Tracking Orders

Orders include: ID (sequential number of purchase), User IP, Product, Total Price, Date, Payment method, Order Status, Payment Status. You can sort order by any of this parameters. Using Actions tab you can delete any order, change the status of it or resend additional information, such as purchase details to a buyer. In this case you will need to check the ID of the user and change the status of it.

From-To. Filter and sort your data with the little calendar icons. Clicking them select the time period to check the history of your online store.

Tracking Reports

View your store’s performance reports by month, year, week or specific date range. You can track sales in selected period, averages, bestseller items and more. To enable/disable properties just tick the checkbox next to graph.