Event Grouping Add-ons

Description of Event Calendar WD Event Grouping add-ons.


Do you have large amount of events on your calendars and want to make the search of events more user-friendly? Use the Filter Add-on of WordPress event calendar to categorize the events by Days, Categories, Tags, Venues and Organizers.

Attention: Add-ons are supported by Event Calendar Premium version.

The add-on is easy to use and manage. No special options are required to be set. The list of the filters is being added when inserting the calendar shortcode into a page or post. You can set up to 5 filters.

The filters come in the form of checkboxes, so the user can select one or more options for the filtering.


Adding filters

When inserting the Calendar into a page/post use the third tab of the shortcode pop-up to set the filters. Using the drop-downs select the filters. You can add up to 5 filters. If you want to add less than 5 filters, set the option to None. The filters will appear on the front end based on the ordering provided within the shortcode.

Adding Filters


Having an important event or a milestone? Need a fancy display of the countdown? The WordPress Event Calendar Countdown Add-on will help you highlight the important events. Make sure your site visitors never miss important dates again!


The add-on is designed to work both with the Event Calendar WD, as well as manually created events. For the ECWD events, you will need to choose the upcoming event and theme, whereas for the custom event you will have to add the event date, title, location and theme.

The theme options of countdown widget are available under Calendar Themes menu item. By default there is only one theme. You can create your own themes.

The countdown add on will display the number of days/hours/minutes/second left to a certain date. It is possible to add multiple countdown widgets on a single page and you can easily customize them.

To display a text after the countdown is finalized go to the Calendars > Settings > Countdown and fill in the text.


Countdown plugin

Open the page/post where you want to display the countdown, click on the Countdown icon:

Events List - This section will help to add countdown for an event from Event Calendar WD events.

Select the Event. Select the event you want to create countdown for.

Select theme. Select the theme from the list of Countdown themes.

Custom - This section will help to add countdown for a custom event.

Event Title. Set a title for the event.

Event Start Date. Provide the starting date for the event using date picker (it appears after clicking on the entry field).

Event Location. Fill the event location.

Select theme. Select the theme from the list of Countdown themes.

Countdown widget

Go to Appearance>Widgets>Event Countdown Widget. Click on the widget and assign it to a widget area.

Widget Title. Provide a title for the widget. If you don’t want to have title for the widget leave the area blank.

Choose whether to display the events from the ECWD calendar or a custom event. Fill in the further details using the same options as the plugin.


Upcoming Events

Choose events within a certain timeframe or specific events and display them on site front-end as a widget with the help of the Upcoming Events Add-on for WordPress Event Calendar WD.

This add-on is a convenient tool for displaying a list of upcoming events in the widget. The widget is fully customizable.

The range of the upcoming events can be set from the back end. You can select from 3 available options:

  1. Events starting from the current date
  2. Events within certain time frame
  3. Only specific events

You can set a specific number of the events to be displayed.

The widget uses options of either not including the event content or making it expandable only upon clicking.

Upcoming Events

The event titles will be hyperlinks clicking upon which the user will be redirected to the event page.

Time, date formats, color scheme, fonts can be adjusted in order to meet your website design.

Upcoming Events

Adding upcoming events widget

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Upcoming Events WD Widget. Click on the widget and assign it to a widget area.

Title. Provide a title for the widget. If you don’t want to have a title for the widget area leave blank.

Calendars to display. Select the calendar which will be used for displaying upcoming events.

Events to Display. Set the events which will be included in the list. The list can include all events starting from the current date, events in a specific date interval or selected events (you can select the events using + sign button).

Events count. Set the number of the events which will be visible in the widget.

Make content expandable. Choose whether to make the user get to the full event page or to display the content of the event upon hitting expand button.

Show event date. Choose whether to display the event date or not.

Show event rate. Choose whether to display the event repeat rate or not. The option is mostly useful for recurring events.

Show event text. Choose whether to include event description within the widget or not .

Color options and the design of the widget can be customized as well.

Upcoming events widget


The views add-on allows you to have additional view options for the Event Calendar WD, including Posterboard, List and Map. Complement your website with these well designed views. Get the Views Add-on today!

Attention: Views Add-On requires Event Calendar WD Premium version 5.0.28 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.


Global Description

ECWD Views is a convenient add-on for displaying one of the additional Premium views within the pages and posts. The add-on allows choosing the time range of the events, which will be displayed with a particular view. Thus you can save space and display only one view skipping displaying multiple calendar views.

The add-on allows choosing between the following views:

  • Posterboard
  • List
  • Map


The Posterboard will display events posting them in mosaic tabs next to each other, the list will display the events in an elegant and minimalistic view. The Map view will display the events within the map.


The time range can also be set when adding the date. Here you can set up both the start and ending dates of the time period.

Publishing the calendar with Views add-on

Go to the page/post, where you plan to add the views. Press on 4-squared icon within the Editor. Fill in the options and press OK button:

Calendars. Choose the calendar/calendars from which the event should be viewed.

Views. Select the event display view using the drop-down list.

Events per page in List View. Specify the number of the events which will be displayed within List view.

Start Date. Specify the start time of the displayed events.

End Date. Specify the end time of displayed event.