Adding Google Maps API Key

WordPress Event Calendar plugin lets you provide users with a stunning map, showcasing the location of your events.

To incorporate maps with your event calendar, you need to get Google Maps API key as the first step. Navigate to Events > Settings page, then click on Google Maps tab. You will find Get key button in this section. Pressing this button will redirect you to Google API Console.

First, you need to sign in to your Google account. Afterwards, start creating a project in Google API Console, in case you do not have any. Select Create a Project option, then press Continue.

Creating a Project

New settings will be loaded, allowing you to configure the project and set API key restrictions.

Enter a Name for your project first. If you wish to restrict the API key to only access Google Maps data, click on API Restrictions tab and select Google Maps JavaScript API option.

API Key Restrictions

Afterwards, click on Application Restrictions tab and choose HTTP referrers (web sites) from the list that appears with this section. Finalizing the settings, press Create.

Creating a Project

The API key will be provided in a popup window. Copy the key, and paste it into API key option of Event Calendar WD Settings page, Google Maps tab.

API key

To make sure the API is enabled on your Google project, click on Library tab from Google API Console dashboard.

API Library

Use the search box in API Library page to find Google Maps JavaScript API. Click to open the API tools, then press Enable.

Google Maps JavaScript API

Note: It may take up to 5 minutes for the API settings to take effect.