Publishing The Created Calendar

Guide to publish Event Calendar plugin as a widget and into a page or post.

Publishing the Calendar into a Page or Post

To use the created calendars within a page or post you should use the shortcode. Open the page/post from the back end. Press on the Event Calendar WD icon within the editor. The shortcode with three tabs will appear. An alternative is copying the shortcode from the All Calendars subsection (it will take default settings) and further editing it.


Select Calendar. Using the drop-down list choose the calendar you want to add.

Events per page in list view. By default 5 events are being listed in list view. You can change the number to the desired quantity.

Enable Event search. Check the box to enable front end search for the events.


You can set up to 7 different views. By using the drop-down you can select a view for each tab. The order of the tabs will be based on the selection.


This section works with Filters add on. You can specify the list of the filtering options you want to display for the front-end users.

Publishing the Calendar as a Widget

Go to Appearance > Widgets toolbar. Find the Event Calendar WD widget and assign it to a custom widget position.

Title. Set a title for the widget. Alternatively, you can leave it blank.

Calendar to Display. Select the calendar which will be displayed as a widget.

Display events as. Here you can set the events to be displayed either in a Month or List view.

Events per page as a list view. Here you can set the number of events you want to be displayed when list view is in use.

Event Calendar WD widget