Event Calendar Themes

Fully personalize the appearance and style of your calendar elements using Themes of WordPress Event Calendar plugin. To begin customizing the theme of your calendar, navigate to Events > Themes page. You will find the list of default Event Calendar WD themes on this page.

By hovering over each theme, you can:

  • Edit,
  • Quick Edit,
  • Trash,
  • View,
  • Duplicate Theme,

as well as edit multiple events or move them to trash using Bulk Actions.

With the search box of Event Calendar themes, you can quickly find an entry you have created. Furthermore, Filter drop-down will let you view themes by their creation date.

Event Calendar Themes

Modify any of these themes and apply custom styles your calendar, or create your own by pressing Add New Theme button. Each theme consists of the following sections:

  • General,
  • Header,
  • Views,
  • Filter,
  • Week days,
  • Days,
  • Events,
  • Pagination.

You can modify colors, fonts, border style, the size of the calendar, and much more. After making changes in your calendar theme, make sure to press Publish or Update.

Note: You can set the default values for the theme options by clicking on Reset Theme link. This will remove all changes you have made.