Form Maker Conditional Emails Extension

Do you wish to send emails to different recipients depending on the data submitted on WordPress Form Maker plugin? Do you use the plugin as a contact form for multiple departments? Conditional Emails extension of Form Maker was designed to help you achieve his. It allows you to send custom email notifications to different recipients depending on the submitted information. With the conditional logic of this extension, you can configure flexible submission notifications for your WordPress forms.

Attention: Conditional Emails extension requires Form Maker version 1.7.71/2.7.71 or higher. If you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

Conditional Emails extension functions with the following method. It lets you specify an email address and only send the submission notification to it if a certain condition is fulfilled. For instance, you can forward the email notification to marketing department, in case users select so as their inquiry type.

Let’s discuss the options of Conditional Emails extension, and find out how you can achieve that.

Configuring Conditional Emails

Install the extension and start setting up its options. Open WordPress admin panel of your website, then go to Form Maker > Forms page. Edit your form, then navigate to Form Options > Conditional Emails section. Begin setting up your first condition by pressing Add Condition button.

As the first step, specify the email address of the recipient using Send email to input. You can add multiple email addresses as well. Make sure to insert one address at a time, and press the plus button.

Afterwards, select the field on which the condition will be based and select its value as well. The submission email will be sent to the specified address if all or any of the conditions are fulfilled.

Note: The number of the conditions is unlimited. You can add different fields with their values and set the conditions.

Let’s have a look at the screenshot below. The condition configured here states the following:

Send email to [[email protected]] if [all] of the following match: [Inquiry type] is [Marketing Offer]

Conditional Emails

This means, that the submission email will be sent to [email protected] email address only in case the value of Inquiry Type field selected as Marketing Offer.

In addition, the rule of the conditions for these fields can be set to the following options:

  • is,
  • is not,
  • like,
  • not like,
  • empty,
  • not empty.

Email Text option allows you to choose the content of the submission email, which will be emailed based on the configured conditions. It can be identical to Custom Text to Administrator or Custom Text to User, or you can fill in a unique text for this case only.

Additionally, you can insert values of form fields into the email content by pressing Add Placeholder button.