Form Maker MailChimp Integration Extension

MailChimp Integration extension allows you to integrate WordPress Form Maker plugin with MailChimp service. This lets you add contacts to your subscription lists from the submitted forms. If you use various lists with Mailchimp, you will be able to create multiple forms and match each form with a corresponding list.

Attention: Mailchimp Integration extension requires Form Maker version 1.7.61/2.7.61 or higher. If you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

To begin configuring MailChimp, install the extension, then access WordPress administrative dashboard of your website. The settings that let you integrate Form Maker with MailChimp, can be found in Form Options > MailChimp tab of your form. Enable MailChimp Integration and let’s get started with its settings.

To send requests and receive responses from MailChimp, the extension requires MailChimp API Key. This allows to add a subscription to the list or delete from it upon to your form submission. You can get an API key from your MailChimp account. Sign in to your account, then create and copy an API key from MailChimp API dashboard. Afterwards, press Confirm.

MailChimp Integration

Use Action option to allow users to subscribe to your mailing list or to unsubscribe from it. Additionally, with Email Type setting, you can specify the format of the content for subscription confirmation email. It can be set to HTML or just plain text.

MailChimp List setting lets you select the mailing list, which the submitter will be subscribed to or unsubscribed to.

As you set up these options, make sure to press Update to save the changes. After saving, a few more options will appear at the bottom of MailChimp integration settings. These options will allow you to configure the fields on your form to correspond your MailChimp list fields.