Form Maker Post Generation Extension

Do you want to allow users to easily submit posts on your site through WordPress Form Maker plugin? Post Generation extension allows to create posts and pages using the submitted data of your WordPress forms. The field values entered by the submitter can be used to generate the post title, is content and tags, categories, as well as featured images.

You can allow guest posting for anyone to submit articles, or to have this feature activated for logged-in users only. To avoid spam posts, you can set the generated posts as drafts and publish them after reviewing.

Attention: Post Generation extension requires Form Maker version 1.7.65/2.7.65 or higher. If you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

Install Post Generation extension from 10Web Dashboard and start configuring its settings. Go to Form Maker > Forms page and edit the form you wish to use for post generation. Afterwards, press Form Options button and navigate to Post Generation tab. Enabling the feature will activate the following settings.

  • Type. Select the type of the content generated with your form. You can set it to be WordPress pages or posts, as well as custom posts.
  • Title. Fill in the title of the post. Press Add Placeholder button to select a value of a form fields. Alternatively, you can set it to be a static text.
  • Categories. Set the categories of the generated post by checking the relevant options from the list.
  • Tags. Fill in tags for the post or press Add Placeholder button to insert field values.
  • Featured Image. The featured image of the post can be set by uploading an image through File Upload field. With the drop-down box, select the upload field you wish to use.
  • Content. Use Add Placeholder button to insert field values into the content of the generated post. It can contain both custom text, form fields or a combination of both.
  • Status. Set the status of the generated post. You can leave it to draft if you plan to review or edit the content in advance to publishing.
  • Author. Choose the user, which will be set as the author for the generated post by default.
  • Allow guests to make post. Enable this option to allow non-logged-in users to submit the post generation form.
  • Use default author for logged-in users. With this option, you can select to display the username of the logged-in submitter or to have one universal author for the generated posts.

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