Form Maker Save Form Progress Extension

Do you have large application forms and want to let your website users to finalize them later? WordPress Form Maker plugin provides you with Save Progress extension, allowing logged-in submitters to save the incomplete forms. They can return anytime later and pick up right where they left off. Get Save Progress extension now and take the functionality of Form Maker to a whole new level!

Attention: Save Progress extension requires Form Maker version 1.8.9/2.8.9 or higher. If you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

Using Save Progress extension, you can allow registered users to begin filling out your form and get back to it at their convenience. As you activate and configure the extension, Save button will appear along with the Submit button of your form. The submitter can save the form progress at any time.

When logged in to your website, users can return to the form page and find the data they have filled in previously. The users will have the following two options:

  • to continue where they have left off,
  • to clear the saved data completely and start over.

Enabling Save Progress Feature

To begin configuring Save Progress extension, log in to your WordPress site as an administrator. Install the extension, then go to Form Maker > Forms page and edit your form. Press Form Options button, then navigate to Save Progress tab. Enable the feature and begin setting up its options.

  • Display clear button - When this setting is enabled, Clear button will display along with Save and Submit. This will let the users to delete previously entered data and start filling in the form from scratch.
  • Save data for - Specify the number of days to keep drafted data for each user. If the form will not be submitted, the data will be permanently erased after this period. Leave it to 0, if you do not want to erase the data.
  • Save message - Provide a message, which will be displayed to users when they press Save button after filling the form.
  • Send email - Enable this option to send emails to users when form progress is saved.
  • Send to - Select the recipient which will receive a message informing that the form progress is saved.
  • Email text - Enter any custom text of the notification email which informs the user that the form is saved. You can insert values of form fields by pressing Add Placeholder button.

Save Form Progress