Form Maker - JavaScript

WordPress Form Maker plugin lets you extend the functionality of your form by writing additional JavaScript code. The script can be added to Form Options > JavaScript tab. It will be included on pages where that particular form is published.

There are 4 built-in Javascript functions provided by the plugin:

  • before_load() // Occurs before the form is loaded.
  • before_submit() // Occurs before the form is submitted.
  • before_reset() // Occurs before the field values are reset.
  • after_submit() // Occurs after form is submitted and reloaded.

They let you execute the JavaScript code at the events mentioned above. You will just need to add your code inside these functions.

Furthermore, the plugin lets you write the script outside of these 3 functions, and execute it at a certain event. For instance, if a jQuery code is written inside jQuery(document).ready() method, it will run after the page loads.

Javascript editor