Introducing Form Maker Plugin

WordPress Form Maker plugin is a powerful and user-friendly solution for creating forms on WordPress. It lets you build fully customizable, modern-looking responsive forms using intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can construct multi-functional forms with just a few clicks.

Packed with numerous types of fields, the plugin is developed to assist you in creating any kind of forms, from simple questionnaires to large application forms with payments. The multi-purpose features of WordPress Form Maker plugin are designed to by used by all users, WordPress beginners, professional bloggers, as well as web developers.

You can completely personalize the features and styles of your forms. The plugin comes with 15 customizable user-friendly themes, as well as 4 form display options:

  • Embedded,
  • Pop-up,
  • Scroll-box,
  • Top-bar.

Additionally, you are provided with the necessary tools to take the appearance of your forms to the next level by writing custom CSS styles. To help you quickly publish and use the forms, WordPress Form Maker plugin provides 5 built-in templates. You can modify these forms, or create your own entries from scratch.

Send customized submission confirmation emails to your website users, as well as receive email notifications when they fill in your forms. Furthermore, you can view, manage, edit, or delete the submissions of your forms using a powerful dashboard provided by Form Maker.

Expand the functionality of your forms by installing the following 12 powerful extensions:

  • Export/Import,
  • PDF Integration,
  • Save Form Progress,
  • Stripe Integration,
  • Conditional Emails,
  • WordPress Registration,
  • Post Generation,
  • Mailchimp Integration,
  • Dropbox Integration,
  • Google Drive Integration,
  • Pushover Integration,
  • Calculator.

These powerup tools can entirely advance the functionality of your forms, help you save form attachments to Google Drive or Dropbox, incorporate your website with MailChimp, and much more.