Easy Mode of Optimization

Configuring Easy Mode of optimization with WordPress Image Optimizer plugin.


Image Optimizer plugin is created to compress, convert, and reduce the size of large images throughout your website. With just a few steps, you are able to configure and perform optimization for all images. This lets you quickly decrease the amount of used storage space on the hosting of your website and speed up its performance.

The plugin lets you optimize images from directories other than WordPress Media Library. This feature lets you optimize the images by simply providing the URL of the folder containing your pictures.

Image Optimizer plugin is simple and straightforward, however, it provides all necessary options to control the optimization process, set up automatic optimization and much more. This user guide will help you configure the plugin and assemble the specific optimization type, which fits your site.

Easy Mode of Optimization

Click on Image Optimizer menu item from WordPress left menu to start its configuration. To quickly optimize the pictures, without going through advanced settings, you can use Easy Mode of Image Optimizer plugin. Click Image Optimizer menu item to navigate to the plugin’s Settings page.

Easy Mode of image optimization consist of three optimization types:


  • Reduces image size up to 20%.
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures.
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 40% (lossy reduction).
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures.
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 90% (extreme reduction).
  • Doesn’t keep EXIF data of the pictures.
  • Doesn’t keep full-sized images.

How does it work? link will help you compare optimized versions of images with all three types, and choose the best one for your photos. Once you have selected the type, press Optimize Now (Bulk Optimizing) button, and the plugin will start the image compression.

In case you wish to automatically optimize uploaded images, turn on Auto Optimize setting.

Optimizing from WordPress Media Library

You are also able to optimize individual images from WordPress Media Library. Press Media Library link to navigate there, then open the image you need to optimize. You will find Optimize button at the bottom of right pane.

After clicking Optimize, you can Reoptimize individual images later.

Furthermore, you can optimize several images at once. Fistly, make sure to select List View of WordPress Media library, then choose the images you need to optimize. Select Optimize option from Bulk Actions dropdown box, then press Apply.

Optimizing Other Directories

Image Optimizer plugin lets you optimize images of other directories of your domain with just a few clicks. You will only need to provide Directory Path after pressing Select Directory button. Make sure to press Save Directories button after adding the path. In case you have uploaded new images to the selected directory after adding it to Image Optimizer settings, you need to press Refresh button to add the new pictures to optimization queue.