Selecting Gallery Group Layouts

To let you publish your gallery groups with beautiful responsive design, Photo Gallery plugin provides the following 3 gallery group layouts:

  • Compact,
  • Masonry,
  • Extended.

Each of these designs can be customized to fully fit the appearance your website. As you begin generating a shortcode for your gallery group, choose one of the options mentioned above, and personalize it as necessary.

Gallery Group Layouts


Compact Layout allows you to create a grid of gallery groups, letting visitors view multiple galleries and gallery groups on one page. The grid consists of thumbnails of the preview images you have set for your galleries/gallery groups.

The thumbnails of images inside Compact Layout gallery groups can appear with the following three display types:

  • Thumbnails,
  • Masonry,
  • Mosaic.

You can show them with dimensions of your choice, activate gallery and gallery group titles, and much more. With Compact Layout, visitors are able to navigate through the galleries/gallery groups you have included on the page.

Compact Gallery Group


Similar to Thumbnails, Masonry layout also is built using the miniatures of gallery/gallery group preview images. The feature that makes it exceptional, is that the dimensions of thumbnails keep the same proportions as their large versions.

As a result, the grid of gallery/gallery group thumbnails is built with an elegant and contemporary appearance. Furthermore, the images inside galleries are also aligned in a masonry grid.

Masonry Gallery Group


Extended Layout of gallery groups lets you display galleries and gallery groups as a thumbnails list. Furthermore, you are able to showcase additional information with this layout. You can show the gallery or gallery group titles and descriptions next to each item.

With Extended Layout of Photo Gallery plugin, you can showcase the thumbnails of gallery images with the following display types:

  • Thumbnails,
  • Masonry,
  • Mosaic.

Extended Gallery Group