Overview Settings

Description of Overview Settings in WordPress SEO plugin.

Once SEO by 10Web plugin is activated, navigate to SEO by 10Web > Overview page to start configuring initial settings of the plugin. This page let’s you authorize your Google account as well as add SEO Moz Account access ID and Secret Key.

Furthermore, in case there will be any search engine optimization issues on your website, SEO by 10Web plugin will show them under Problems column.

To have more comprehensive details about crawl errors or other SEO-related problems on your website, navigate to SEO by 10Web > Search Console page. These errors are retrieved from Google Search Console.

SEO by 10Web Overview

Configuring Google Authorization

First and foremost, you need to add Google authorization code to your website through SEO by 10Web plugin. Press Get Google Authorization Code button to do so. A new browser window will open, which will let you choose your Google account or sign in.

After choosing your Google account, you will see the following message:

“10Web SEO wants to

  • Manage the list of sites and domains you control.
  • View and manage Search Console data for your verified sites.”

Press Allow to access to authorization code. Copy it and paste it into the input in SEO by 10Web plugin. Afterwards press Authenticate button.

Google Account Authorization

When your Google account is authorized you will see all crawl errors on this area. Otherwise, if everything is great, “No errors detected” message will appear.

SEO Moz Account Setup

In case you have a MOZ account and would like to show its statistics, activate MOZScape API the following way. Sign in to your MOZScape, then navigate to Dashboard page of your account.

Generating MOZScape API keys

If you do not have API credentials, firstly, verify reCAPTCHA, then press Generate Key from Access tab. In case it takes longer than a couple of minutes to generate the keys, you can refresh the page.

Generating MOZScape API keys

As the keys are generated, they will be available on the same Access section. Copy them and fill in Access ID and Secret Key options of Overview page in SEO by 10Web correspondingly.

Generating MOZScape API keys

After these steps are completed, you will be able to display MOZ SEO analytics data in the plugin.