Description of Settings in WordPress SEO plugin.

Configure general options of SEO by 10Web plugin using its Settings dashboard. Navigate to SEO by 10Web > Settings page to personalize the options.

User permissions

With Show SEO metabox to role drop-down menu, you can choose the minimum user role, which will be able to see SEO by 10Web Metabox under pages or posts content.


Select Default Redirection type, choosing from Permanent (301) and Temporary (302) options. Also, you can enable or disable Meta information optimization option from here.

Uninstall SEO by 10Web plugin

In case you wish to completely clear and remove the database tables of SEO by 10Web plugin, use Uninstall button on this page.

Note, that all the options you have modified will be reset after uninstalling.

Settings in WordPress SEO by 10Web plugin