Description of Sitemap Settings in WordPress SEO plugin.

SEO by 10Web plugin lets you construct the sitemap for your website. Go to SEO by 10Web > Sitemap page to configure the following settings.

XML Sitemap

Generate XML Sitemap. Use this setting to enable or disable the creation of XML sitemap of your website.

Your Sitemap is located at. Provides the location path of the XML sitemap. You can edit it anytime. Here’s an example:


Sitemap Settings

Search Engines

Google Site Verification. Use this input box to add Google Site Verification code for your website. When you authorize your Google account, this code is being added automatically.

Bing Site Verification Code / Yandex Site Verification Code. Get the verification code for Bing and Yandex, then copy it to these input boxes.

Notify Search Engines When My Sitemap Updates. Activate this setting to send a notification to search engines, in case the sitemap of your website is updated.

Sitemap Info

Under this box, you will see information about the XML sitemap of your website. For instance, the following details may appear:

“Sitemap contains 139 items. It was last updated on 8th December 2017 at 3:46 pm.”

Manually Update / Delete Sitemap

Use Manually Update button to recreate the XML sitemap of your website. Also, you can remove it by pressing Delete Sitemap button.

Search Engines


Exclude Post Types / Exclude Taxonomies. This setting allows you to exclude specific post types or taxonomies from being included to the XML sitemap of your website. Click on the inputs to choose options from the corresponding drop-down menu.

Exclude Posts. With this option, you can specify the IDs of posts, which should not be included in the XML sitemap of your website.



Include image items with the sitemap / Include stylesheet with the generated sitemap. Use these settings to allow or disallow SEO by 10Web plugin to include images and stylesheets in the XML sitemap.

Max entries per sitemap. This option specifies the maximum number of entries per sitemap page. Lower its value to prevent issues regarding the memory limit of your site.

Autoupdate sitemap. Switch on this option to auto-update the XML sitemap after posts or pages are edited.

Sitemap Options