Configuring Team WD

Instructions to install WordPress Team plugin.

Adding a Category

To manage the categories and add new ones, go to Team WD > Category.

For a new category, you specify the Name, Slug ( the URL-friendly version of the name), Parent, Description and Parameters.

Categories can have a hierarchy. Select the Parent for sub-categories.

Each category can have its own set of parameters, e.g. Nationality, Occupation, Date of Birth, Department, etc. You will specify the value of each parameter for each of the staff members later, when creating/editing the staff members.

Adding a Category

Adding a Contact

To manage the staff members and add new ones, go to Team WD > Team.

For a new staff member, you enter the Name, Categories, Email, Featured Image, Detailed description about the member, as well as the values of the parameters (the list of the parameters are defined for the category).

The site visitors can contact your staff members directly from their profile pages. If you enable the Send Email when Message Sent option, the staff members will get an email notification when someone fills the contact form on their profile.

Team Ordering

Here you can change the ordering of the team members/contacts using drag & drop. The changed order will be saved automatically. Warning! Hitting the “Order by id” or “Order by name” buttons will reset the ordering and undo the changes made manually.


Here you can view the list of the submitted messages. You can browse the messages based on the contact and time period, e.g. choose the team member to display messages of and set a specific time frame using date pickers.


Global Options

The WordPress team plugin comes with demo data, a demo category with some members in order to demonstrate the functionality of the plugin. Click Delete demo data on this page to remove the demo staff.

In this section you can also

  • enable/disable staff members search box and search by category,
  • enable/disable the lightbox for images.

Message Options

Here you can enable/disable the contact form fields required for the site visitor to submit. This includes Name, Phone, E-mail, prefered way of contacting.

Inserting Team WD in a Page or Post

Here you will find instruction on how to publish the created contact lists or individual contacts in a post/page using shortcode.

Go to the page/post, where you want to insert the contacts. Click on Team WD button. Here you will see a pop-up window with two tabs: Single Contact and Contacts Category. To insert an individual contact, select the contact in the first tab and click OK. To insert a list of contacts, select the category or categories and the View Type in the second tab and click OK.