Configuring WordPress General Settings

Guide to configure General Settings of WordPress.

To configure a new WordPress website upon WordPress CMS installation:

1. Log into your site admin page. Normally you would find the login page at

Logging in to WordPress

NOTE: Instead of, type-in your website address, something like

2. In the left vertical menu, click Settings.

WordPress Settings

General settings that you will find there represent your website’s face for visitors and search robots. Configure the following parameters to make your new website recognizable:

  • Site Title – which is your site name.
  • Tagline – short description of the site NOTE: You can finish WordPress Settings configuration right here and move on to Installing the Theme.
  • WordPress Address (URL) – place where the WordPress installation resides
  • Site Address (URL) – enter the address here if you want your site home page to be different from your WordPress installation directory
  • Email Address – this address is used for admin purposes, like new user notification
  • Membership – check it if you want to let your all visitors create user accounts
  • New User Default Role – be careful about this one: select default role for new registered users
  • Timezone – website’s default timezone, selectable from the drop-down list
  • Date format – select date representation that you like
  • Time format – time representation format
  • Week starts on – drop down to select week’s first day
  • Site Language – for both admin panel and frontend

Once done with adjusting these settings, simply click Save.