Authenticating Google Analytics

After activating Google Analytics plugin, click on Analytics menu item to begin the process of Google Analytics account authentication. This incorporates Google Analytics API with your website, and adds its tracking code to it.

The tracking code allows Google Analytics to build reports of the traffic and behaviour of your website. Whereas the API of Google Analytics is necessary for bringing these reports to your WordPress site.

Click on Authenticate button to open the authentication popup. Choose or login to your Google account, which you wish to connect with Google Analytics WD plugin.

Google Analytics Authentication

The popup window will ask for relevant permissions. Click Allow, then copy the authentication code which will be provided subsequently. Paste it into the input box of Google Analytics plugin Settings.

Google Analytics Authentication

If your Google Account is registered on Google Analytics platform, Google API and tracking code will be added to your WordPress site instantly.

Creating a New Google Analytics Account

In case you have just started working with Google Analytics, you might not have an active account on the platform yet. In this case, the plugin will ask you to create one by clicking on its Create button.

Press this button to navigate to Google Analytics Sign Up page, then press Sign Up.

Google Analytics Sign Up

Make sure to select Website as the object to be tracked, then write a title for your Google Analytics account using Account Name input box.

Afterwards, configure a property by filling out Website Name and Website URL options. The name of the website can be written as any alphanumerical text, whereas Website URL needs to have the following format:

Google Analytics Sign Up

Afterwards, scroll down and select Data Sharing Settings as it fits your or your company’s policies, then click Get Tracking ID.

Getting Tracking ID

As you finish signing up, return to Settings page of Google Analytics plugin and press Refresh. The account information will be reloaded, and all tools of Google Analytics plugin will become available.

Google Analytics Authentication

Configuring a Web Property

Navigate to Analytics > Settings page to add a web property on your Google Analytics account for the current WordPress site. Select an Account to connect this property to, then write a Name for it. Press Add, and Google Analytics tracking code will be added to your website.

Creating a Web Property

You can check and manage web properties from Admin page of your Google Analytics account.

Reauthenticate Google Analytics from Settings page anytime you need to use a different account to monitor website traffic.