Introducing WordPress Google Analytics

WordPress Google Analytics plugin is a user-friendly, powerful tool, designed to provide you extensive and detailed statistics of your website and user behaviour. It lets you check all Google Analytics reports directly from your WordPress site. Discover locations, demographics, and interests of your website visitors, as well as gain comprehensive information about traffic sources, goal completion, ecommerce tracking, and much more.

Google Analytics plugin for WordPress lets you compare reports of two metrics, as well as two date ranges. This allows you to determine the behaviour of your website, track its visitors, and build future marketing campaigns upon these results.

Authenticating Google Analytics, you are able to view tracking reports of any web property that’s associated with your Google account. You can re-authenticate a different Google account anytime, or switch between web properties easily.

The reports on Google Analytics plugin are displayed in three types of charts:

  • Line,
  • Pie,
  • Column.

You can download the reports by exporting them in CSV and PDF formats. Also, you are able to send them to your co-workers via scheduled emails.

As WordPress Google Analytics plugin is developed with responsive design and layout, it provides excellent user experience on any screen size. This lets you keep track of your Google Analytics data from any desktop and mobile device.