Adsense and AdWords Account Linking

If you have an authorized account on Google AdSense and Google AdWords, you can link them to Google Analytics. This will allow WordPress Google Analytics plugin to fetch AdSense and AdWords reports, and thus let you access them from your WordPress website.

To incorporate your AdSense and AdWords Accounts, follow the steps below to link them with Google Analytics.

Configuring AdSense Linking

Open your Google Analytics account, choose the account you want to link to AdSense and navigate to Admin tab. You will see AdSense Linking option under Product Linking settings. Open AdSense Linking and click on New AdSense Link button.

Afterwards, choose the necessary AdSense account you’d like to link to your Google Analytics, then click Continue. Choose the views of Google Analytics, where you would like to have AdSense data. The accounts will be connected after clicking Enable Link and then Done.

Linking AdWords to Google Analytics

Firstly make sure you have a Google AdWords account, or create one here. Open your Google Analytics account, choose the website you are tracking and go to Admin. Click on Adwords Linking from Product Linking settings.

After toolbox opens, make sure all the necessary AdWords accounts are marked as checked and click Continue. Provide Link group title and click Link Accounts after enabling necessary link groups for AdWords Tracking. Related tracking reports will appear on your Google Analytics WD Reports page automatically.