Using Your Own Project

WordPress Google Analytics plugin lets you use your own Google project for bringing reports to your website. This allows the plugin to send requests to Google Analytics API through your personal Google OAuth Client.

For instance, in case you need to make a large number of daily requests to Google Analytics, it might be necessary to use your own OAuth client.

Firstly, mark Authenticated with Own Project option as checked. This will activate Client ID and Client Secret settings of the plugin.

Visit and sign in using your Google account. To build your first project, navigate to Dashboard tab, then press Create button.

Create Project

Afterwards, name your project and click Create. The project will be created instantly.

Create Project

Navigate to Credentials tab, then open OAuth Consent Screen section. Make sure to select Email address and fill in Product name shown to users option, then press Save.

OAuth Consent Screen

After saving, go to Credentials section and press Create Credentials. Make sure to select OAuth client ID option from its dropdown list.

Create Google OAuth credentials

To finish configuring your Google project, set Application type to Web application, name your application, then click Create.

Creating Web application

Your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret will appear in a popup box instantly.

Google OAuth credentials

Copy these credentials to the following options of Google Analytics WD plugin:

  • Client ID,
  • Client Secret.

Afterwards, click Save and return to Google API Console. Navigate to Library tab and use the search box to find Google Analytics Reporting API.

Google Analytics Reporting API

Open the API library and simply press Enable. Your Google project will be ready to use.

Enable Google Analytics API