Marker Clustering Add-on

Do you use Google Maps for displaying large number of locations with markers? Does this create messy map and accordingly bad user experience?

Google Maps WD Marker Clustering tool is an ideal solution, when you have large number of markers and do not want to overload the map. It will help to save space displaying grouped marker overlay. Upon hitting this overlay the user will unlock the markers for the custom location. This will resolve map interaction problems displaying nearby markers in an aggregative form.

! Attention: Marker Clustering Add-On requires Google Maps Premium version 5.0.15 and higher: if you are using an older version, please update your plugin.

The add-on gets installed via Plugins dashboard. It will be further added to Map>Settings section as an individual submenu “Marker Clustering”.

Marker Clustering settings

Max Zoom Level. Marker clusters can be split back to markers at certain level of zooming. Specify the maximum zoom level at which the layer will be split to markers. Cluster Size. The map will be visually divided into grids. You can choose the grid size of a cluster in pixels which will help to render markers- creating a cluster layer. Increasing this size you will allow grouping of markers which are further away from each other. Cluster Style. Choose one of the default marker clustering overlay images.

Marker Clustering display