Publishing Created Map

Publishing Created Map on WordPress Google Map.

To insert WordPress Google Map into a Page or Post you should open the post/page from Admin Panel. Here you will see Google Maps icon. Press on it:

Insert Google Maps WD into post

Here select the Map and press Insert button:

Insert Google Maps WD into post

Alternatively you can copy the shortcode available in Google Maps WD>Maps section. Go your Post/Page. Change the content box from Visual to Text tab and add the code.

Insert Google Maps WD into post

If you want to add map to custom area on your site please instead use php shortcode. Copy and paste it to .php file, where you plan to include the map.

To insert the Map as a widget:

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Google Maps WD. Select a position for the maps widget. Then configure the settings and press Save button.

Title. Provide title for the widget.

Select Map. Choose one of the created Google Maps to insert as widget.

Map Type. Choose the map mode.

Zoom Level. Define zoom level for maps widget or leave the default option.

Width. Set the width of the widget.

Height. Set the height of the widget.

Text Above/Below Map. Fill in custom text to accompany map for one of/or both positions.