Marker Listing

Google Maps WD Marker Listing Settings.

In this section you will learn how to edit the Marker Listing settings of the WordPress Google Maps plugin.

Markers used on the map can be listed with different view options, helping out the users to find locations based on marker categories. To create marker categories navigate to Google Maps WD > Marker Category section.

When filter is enabled you can choose the categories to display markers for:

Google Maps WD Marker Category

List Type. The markers can be listed in one of the following view option:

Basic: Displays the category, marker location, get directions(if directions are enabled) and marker image if available.

Google Maps WD Markers

Advanced Table: Displays marker title, category, address and description with search possibility as well as ordering (changes direction for ascending to descending when hitting the title, category, address or description).

Google Maps WD Markers Category Search

Carousel: Lists the markers in a slideshow. When hitting the slide the marker will be displayed on the map

Google Maps WD Markers Carousel

Enable Category Filter. When enabled the user will be able to filter markers to certain categories.

Move List Inside Map. Markers can also be included in a map similar to map legends.

Marker List position. Choose the location where markers will be listed among possible options.