Custom Messages

Description of Custom Messages options in MailChimp WordPress plugin.

This section lets you configure all notices and error messages, which will be shown to the user. Subscribe Message and Unsubscribe Message function as text editors, therefore they can use basic HTML markup.

You can also include the values of list fields and custom fields, simply click on the buttons above the editor to add them. This text will be displayed to the submitter after the form is submitted and the data is successfully sent to MailChimp.

Here are the rest of settings for custom messages:

  • Update Message is displayed to users after they have submitted the form and the information has been successfully modified in MailChimp list.
  • General Error Message will be shown to the submitter in case a generic error has occurred.
  • Invalid Email sets the notice displayed to the user if they enter an invalid email address.
  • Already Subscribed Email is the message that is shown if the user attempts to sign up for a mailing list with an email address which is already subscribed.
  • Required Message is the error message displayed to the submitter after they try to subscribe to a list without providing value for a required field.
  • Not subscribed will display to the user in case form action is Unsubscribe, and the given email address is not on the selected list(s).
  • Empty Submit is the message displayed to the user when form doesn’t contain any input fields to be submitted.