Payment Options

Description of Payment Options in MailChimp WordPress plugin.

In case you add PayPal fields to your subscription form, you will also need to configure Payment Options as the last step. This set of options of MailChimp WD lets you select all necessary preferences for payments:

  • Turn Paypal On enables redirection to PayPal, if any of payment fields of your form have selected values.
  • Checkout Mode sets the redirection type. In case this option is disabled, the submitter will be redirected to PayPal Sandbox. This is Testmode, and in this case actual payments will not be completed. It is useful in case you are testing your form. But as soon as you are ready to receive payments, set Checkout Mode to Production.
  • Paypal email should be set to an email address of an existing PayPal account.
  • Payment Currency defines the currency, which will be used for the payments of your subscription form.
  • Tax sets the percentage of the total amount to be added payment value as the tax of the submitter’s purchase.