Description of Submissions settings in MailChimp WordPress plugin.

You can view the list of your form submissions in this section. Make sure to choose a form using Select a Form dropdown menu. Number of Entries, Conversion Rate and Number of Views of this form will display at the top, whereas the submitted data can be seen below. You can download full record of form submissions using Export to XML or CSV buttons.

You can filter submissions by the entered values, submission ID, submitter’s IP and submission date. Click on filter icon to open these options, provide the attributes you need to search with and click Search (magnifier button). You can Reset the filters later on.

Submissions of MailChimp WD plugin lets you customize the view of entries, in case you need to quickly check specific values. Use Add/Remove Columns button to exclude certain field values from display.

Note, that this action does not delete theses values, it simply hides them temporarily until you activate them back.

If certain IP address is sending spam submissions through your form, Blocking IPs feature of MailChimp WD plugin comes to rescue. Mark the spam submission as checked and click Block IP button above submission entries. You can unblock them afterwards again by selecting and clicking Unblock IP. The list of these IPs will be available in Blocked IPs page of MailChimp WD plugin, you can add or remove IP addresses here as well, if necessary.