Description of theme options in MailChimp WordPress plugin.

MailChimp WD plugin provides a large variety of fully customizable theme options to let you apply elegant design to your subscription forms. It has 13 built-in templates, you can create your own styles or use slightly modified versions of these. Click on the star next to the theme you wish to use to set it as default theme for your subscription forms.

Important: If you wish to use the styles of your website theme on your form, select Inherit from theme option from form editor.

Each theme is a group of user-friendly settings, which let you change fonts, colors, margins, paddings and many other styling options in your form. They are divided to sets for the following components:

  • Global Parameters
  • Header
  • Content
  • Input box
  • Choices (Single and Multiple)
  • General Buttons
  • Pagination
  • Buttons
  • Close (Minimize) Button
  • Minimize
  • Text
  • Other
  • Custom

The preview of the theme is displayed next to theme options. If you are using a multi-page form, make sure to set Pagination Type for it, Step, Percentage or None.