Managing 10Web Products

To access the plugins, themes and services of your websites, navigate to Websites page of 10Web Dashboard. It displays the list of your websites where you have WD Manager installed. These sites on 10Web can appear in 2 modes:

  • Active: when 10Web Manager is installed and activated on your WordPress website.
  • Inactive: when 10Web Manager plugin was deactivated on your WordPress website or user was logged-out in it.

Hover over the site you wish to modify or visit, you will see the following links:

  • Manage: press on this button to navigate to products management page of 10Web Dashboard.
  • Site Admin: this link will redirect you to WordPress administrative dashboard of the site, and log you in with a one-time access token.

Managing Websites

Installing Plugins

To start installing and managing plugins, visit Websites page of 10Web Dashboard. Press Manage button of the site you wish to change. You will access the the management page of 10Web products.

In case you haven’t installed any plugins, click on the Plugins tab, then press Add Plugins button. Install the plugins you wish to use. You can click on More Info button to find information about the product.

After installing plugins, you are able to Activate, Deactivate and Update your 10Web plugins from this page.

Managing Plugins

Installing Add-ons

Some 10Web products have add-ons which let you enhance the functionality of the plugin. To begin installing add-ons, navigate to Add-ons page of your website manager on 10Web Dashboard.

Use Add-ons for drop-down menu to select the plugin you wish to install add-ons for. Add it to your website by installing and activating. You will later be able to Deactivate or Delete the add-on from your site.

Installing Addons

Installing Themes

Navigate to Themes page of your website manager on 10Web Dashboard to install themes to your website. Press Add Themes button and select the theme you wish to activate on your site.

Press More Info button to find more information regarding the theme you wish to use on the website.

Installing Themes

Managing Products

In case you already have installed products, you are able to:

  • activate,
  • deactivate,
  • update,
  • delete

them all or some at once using Bulk Actions. Furthermore, you can search them and filter by active or inactive products, as well as by those which have an available update.

In case you have questions, please contact 10Web Customer Care. We will get back to you within 24 hours (except on Sundays and holidays).

Installing Themes