Installing WordPress Plugins

To start installing and managing plugins, visit Websites page of 10Web Dashboard. Press Manage button of the site you wish to modify. You will access the tools, services, and products provided by 10Web.

With the settings in Plugins tab, you can access and change all plugins installed to your WordPress site. Select multiple items and press the buttons below to modify them:

  • Activate,
  • Deactivate,
  • Update,
  • Delete.

Additionally, you can get the Premium features of your free 10Web plugins by clicking Upgrade to Premium button.

Managing Plugins

In case you have not installed any 10Web plugins yet, press Add Plugins button. A popup box will appear, letting you access the list of all available 10Web plugins.

Installing 10Web Plugins

Press Install button next to the tool you wish to add to your WordPress site and 10Web Dashboard will set it up in seconds. If you have the free versions of 10Web plugins installed, press Upgrade to Premium button to get their full features.

Using the tools on Upload and WordPress Repository tabs of this toolbox, you can install any WordPress plugin to your website.

Installing 10Web Plugins

Installing Extensions

To let you enhance the functionality of your WordPress site, 10Web provides numerous extensions for the following plugins:

Install them to your website by expanding the extensions section for each of the products mentioned above. You can add multiple extensions by selecting them and pressing the Install button at the bottom of this toolbox.

Installing extensions

Installing Themes

Navigate to Themes tab 10Web Dashboard to start installing, managing, and modifying your website themes. The theme running on your site at the moment will appear under Active Theme column of this page. Additionally, the list of themes installed on your website will be provided under All Themes section. You can:

  • update or delete the themes,
  • upgrade 10Web themes to their Premium versions,
  • change the active theme,
  • and preview them

using this list. To add and activate a new theme for your WordPress site, press Add Themes button.

Managing Themes

Find the 10Web theme you wish to activate on your site, then press Install.

Managing Themes

If you have questions or face difficulties while working with 10Web Dashboard, please contact 10Web Customer Care. We will be happy to assist you with any inquiry.