Managing Your WordPress Sites

Navigate to Websites page of 10Web Dashboard to access the plugins, themes and services of your WordPress sites. It displays the list of your websites where you have 10Web Manager plugin installed. These sites on 10Web Dashboard can appear in 2 modes:

  • Active: if 10Web Manager is installed and activated on your WordPress website.
  • Disconnected: if you have logged out from 10Web Manager plugin, or it has been deactivated.

Hover over the site you wish to modify or visit. you will see the following links:

  • Manage: press on this button to navigate to products management page of 10Web Dashboard.
  • Website front: clicking on this button will open the front-end of your WordPress website.
  • WordPress Admin: this link will redirect you to WordPress administrative dashboard of the site, and log you in with a one-time access token.

Managing Websites