Introducing 10Web Dashboard

10Web Dashboard is the ultimate tool for managing your 10Web plugins, themes, extensions, downloading or restoring backups, optimizing images, and much more. It lets you install and update numerous products with just a few clicks. The Dashboard was created to help you save time and avoid any possible technical difficulties.

In short, 10Web dashboard lets you control any plugin on your WordPress site, activate and view its themes, as well as obtain additional powerful components.

To install and manage 10Web plugins, themes, and extensions on your WordPress site through 10Web Dashboard, you need to complete the following simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the Subscription Plan

The pricing of 10Web products is presented on Plans and Pricing section. After selecting a subscription plan to purchase 10Web products, you will be redirected to Checkout page.

Step 2: Checkout

On this page, you will be able to provide required information for checkout, then purchase the package. You can get started with 10Web services free! The zero-cost subscription plan includes the following features provided by 10Web:

  • Unified dashboard for website management,
  • Powerful backup service (with 1GB cloud storage),
  • Image optimization tool (1000 images per month),
  • Website performance service,
  • Search engine optimization service.

With Premium subscription plans, you can add the following fantastic enhancements:

  • Photo Gallery, Form Builder and 60+ WordPress plugins/extensions,
  • Large amount of cloud storage and image optimization limit,
  • Premium Support service.


Upon purchase, you will be registered on as a customer, and will be provided with a user login credentials. Login to the website to start installing 10Web products.

Step 3: Accessing 10Web Dashboard

To access the purchased products, visit 10Web Dashboard login page and sign with your 10Web account first. The Dashboard is a user-friendly tool which lets you add websites, where you use 10Web products, check and modify your account information, as well as configure 10Web products.

10Web Dashboard

Step 4: Adding a Website

To begin configuring 10Web products, you need to add your WordPress website to 10Web Dashboard. Start by pressing Add Website button from the left menu of the Dashboard.

10Web Manager

Firstly, you need to install 10Web Manager plugin, which will connect your website to 10Web Dashboard. You can accomplish that using one of the following 2 methods:

  • downloading and installing 10Web Manager manually,
  • using automatic installation of 10Web Dashboard.

Performing a Manual Installation

After clicking Add Website button, download 10Web Manager plugin from the tab titled Manually. Then install it to your website the following way:

  • Access Plugins page from WordPress administrative panel of your website.
  • Press Add New, then Browse the downloaded .zip file of 10Web Manager.
  • Click Install Now. After installation is finished, press Activate.

Now you need to sign in to 10Web Manager. Navigate to 10Web Manager page from the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Then log in with the username and password of your 10Web account.

After making these changes, your website will automatically appear on 10Web Dashboard.

Manual installation

Automatic Installation of 10Web Manager

To perform automatic installation of 10Web Manager, navigate to the tab titled Automatically. The plugin will be installed to your website, then it will sign you in with your 10Web account. You just need to enter the following details into corresponding inputs, then press Install and Login:

  • the URL of your WordPress website,
  • administrator username,
  • administrator password.

10Web Dashboard uses these credentials to install and activate 10Web Manager plugin to your website. The username and password of your administrator account are secured and will not be stored.

You can find more information about this on 10Web Terms of Services.

One click installation