Accessing 10Web Dashboard

To access the purchased products, visit 10Web Dashboard login page and sign with your 10Web account first. Here you can use its quick-and-easy tools to add and manage multiple WordPress websites. The number of allowed domains depends on the Premium Bundle you are subscribed to.

Start by pressing Add Website button from the left menu of the Dashboard.

10Web Manager

First, you need to install 10Web Manager plugin, which will connect your website to 10Web Dashboard. You can accomplish that using one of the following 2 methods:

  • downloading and installing 10Web Manager manually,
  • using automatic installation of 10Web Dashboard.

Installing 10Web Manager Manually

After clicking Add Website button, download 10Web Manager plugin from the tab titled Manually. Then install it to your website the following way:

  • Access Plugins page from WordPress administrative panel of your website.
  • Press Add New, then Browse the downloaded .zip file of 10Web Manager.
  • Click Install Now. After installation is finished, press Activate.

Now you need to sign in to 10Web Manager. Navigate to 10Web Manager page from the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Then log in with the username and password of your 10Web account.

After making these changes, your website will automatically appear on 10Web Dashboard.

Manual installation

Installing 10Web Manager Automatically

To perform automatic installation of 10Web Manager, navigate to the tab titled Automatically. The plugin will be installed to your website, then it will sign you in with your 10Web account. You just need to enter the following details into corresponding inputs, then press Install and Login:

  • the URL of your WordPress website,
  • administrator username,
  • administrator password.

10Web Dashboard uses these credentials to install and activate 10Web Manager plugin to your website. The username and password of your administrator account are secured and will not be stored.

You can find more information about this on 10Web Terms of Services.

One click installation