Subscription Plans and Checkout

10Web offers a variety of WordPress plugins, themes, and services which you can get with highly affordable prices. We’ve tried to make it simple - there’s one simple pricing scheme for all your WordPress needs. You can even get started with 10Web services free! The zero-cost subscription plan includes the following components provided by 10Web:

  • Unified dashboard for website management,
  • Powerful backup service (with 1GB cloud storage),
  • Image optimization tool (1000 images per month),
  • Website performance service,
  • Search engine optimization service.

To upgrade to a Premium subscription plan for multiple domains, press Buy Now button, which will take you to the Checkout page.


Here you will be able to fill in required information for checkout, then purchase the selected Premium Bundle.

With Premium subscription plans, you can add the following fantastic enhancements to your website:

  • Photo Gallery, Form Builder, and 60+ other feature-rich WordPress plugins and extensions,
  • Large amount of cloud storage and image optimization limit,
  • Premium Technical Support service.

Upon purchasing a product or bundle, you will be registered on as a customer, and will be provided with user login credentials. Login to the website to begin installing 10Web products.