Configuring Backup Service

10Web offers 5 exclusive web services, which let you have your website functioning at its best. Using 10Web Dashboard, you can add the following services to your WordPress site:

These tools take the performance of your website to a whole new level, helping you grow your community, business, or organization.

Let’s begin by setting up the Backup service offered by 10Web. Navigate to Backups toolbox to enable and manage the backup operations on your WordPress site. Press Enable Now to activate the service. After just a few seconds, the setup will be finished and you will be provided with the necessary backup tools.

Before initiating a backup process, navigate to Settings tab and select website components to backup:

  • Files - the backup service will copy all files of your website and create an archive,
  • Database - the MySQL tables of your WordPress database will be backed up.

As the preferred options are selected, run your very first backup by pressing Backup Now button. Depending on the size of your website files and/or database, the process can take a few minutes. After each backup operation is completed, 10Web Dashboard provides respective data under Backup tab. This allows you to:

  • review the backup time and its size,
  • restore the backed up files and/or databases,
  • download the backup file.

10Web Backup

Additionally, 10Web Dashboard provides you with a quick calendar tool, letting you check the dates of all backup processes that have run on your website.

Setting Up Backup Schedule

10Web Backup service lets you configure automated backups based on any preferred schedule. To begin the setup, click Scheduling tab and enable this feature. By default, the automated backups are set to occur on a weekly basis. While this is a preferable option for static websites with low traffic, you may wish to consider switching to one of the following instead:

  • Monthly - perfect for small websites,
  • Daily - usually used for websites which are updated at least once a week,
  • Every 12 hours - great for sensitive websites with daily content updates,
  • Every 6 hours - for high-traffic websites with multiple changes during the day,
  • Real Time - best for critical websites with hourly content updates.

After choosing the best automated backup schedule for your website, make sure to press Save.

Backup Scheduling