Setting Up Image Optimization

Image Optimization service of 10Web lets you boost the performance of your website by optimizing the pictures of your website. This tool helps you speed up your website and provide enjoyable experience for its visitors.

Navigate to Image Optimization tab to begin configuring its settings. Press Enable Now. After this process is completed, click Activate Now button. 10Web Image Optimization service for WordPress provides you with the following 3 quick and easy optimization types:


  • Reduces image size up to 20%.
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures.
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 40% (lossy reduction).
  • Keeps EXIF data of the pictures.
  • Keeps full-size images.


  • Reduces image size up to 90% (extreme reduction).
  • Doesn’t keep EXIF data of the pictures.
  • Doesn’t keep full-sized images.

“How does it work?” link will help you compare the optimization results of all three types, and select the best option for your images. Once you have selected the type, press Optimize Now button, and the image compression will begin.

As the optimization process is finished, 10Web Dashboard provides you with comprehensive Statistics and History. You can quickly review the data and obtain in-depth information about image optimization on your WordPress site.

In case you wish to automatically optimize uploaded images of your WordPress site, turn on Auto Optimize setting.

Image Optimization